Wednesday Reads 2/25/15

How illegal homebrewing in teetotaling Saudi Arabia changed my life (via VICE) – I just wish there was more to this story!

“Party Like a President” recalls mixology, mischief inside the Oval Office (via the salt)

Fermented berries: sweet, tart and bubbly (via nourished kitchen)

Neomexicanus hop review: Latir (via five blades brewing)

Wednesday Reads 2/3/15

Back after some time off due to a broken computer.

How craft beer is fighting back against Budweiser’s belligerent Superbowl ad (via Washington Post)

Braukeiser: Interesting paper on dry hopping (via braukeiser)

Barley shortage has craft beer makers foaming (via USA Today)

Betting on the growth of microbreweries (via NYtimes)

Brewers gone wild: taming unpredictable yeast for flavorful beer (via the salt)

Bake bread like a pioneer in Appalachia… with no yeast (via the salt)

Wednesday Reads 1/21/15

This week, we’re reading about beer jelly, fermentation science, and historical baking and brewing. 

Beer jelly (via the Splendid Table)

On Alkalinity (via Lucky Peach) – not quite brewing or baking related but food science is always interesting!

Fermentation Temperature Pt. 1 – exBEERiment Results! (via brulosophy)

An open lab notebook – Fermentation Science (via Food Matters)

Yeast, Fermentation, Beer, Wine (an excellent primer on fermentation science via scitable/Nature)

American Baking Down the Decades, 1900-1910 (via Flourish)

American brewing in the 1930’s (via Shut Up About Barclay Perkins)

Wednesday Reads 1/14/15

This week, we’re reading about beer adulterants, neohops, and old beer.

Did Crocodile Bile Really Kill 73 People in Mozambique? (via Forbes)

Iceland: Brewery makes ‘whale testicle beer’ (via BBC)

Faux-IPA (India Pale Gruit) Tasting (via Mad Fermentationist)

Neomexicanus Hop Review: Chama (via Five Blades Brewing)

Vintage Beer? Aficionados say some brews taste better with age (via the salt)

A review of “the chemistry of beer aging – a critical review” (via beersensoryscience)

Wednesday Reads 1/7/15

Happy new year everyone! After a week off, I have more than the usual number of worthy reads on my list for today!

Secrets of the Best Brewers via Mad Fermentationist

The Gelatin Effect (more of a Kristallweizen guy, eh?) via Brulosophy

Craft Brewers are Running out of Names, and Into Legal Spats via the salt

If You’re Toasting to Health, Reach for Beer, Not (Sparkling) Wine via the salt

Wasted: How the Craft Beer Movement Abandoned Jim Koch via Boston Magazine

Marzipan Stollen via Wild Yeast

Guest Post: Ancient Egyptian Bread, by Miguel Esquirol Rios via Historical Cooking Project

Older but good assortment of breakfast dough recipes, including some scone experimentation via Flourish

Best Pizza You’ll Ever Make – really nice photo guide via Flourish

(belated) Wednesday Reads 11/27/14

A brouwerij-chugach Gift Guide

Investigating flavour characteristics of British ale yeasts: techniques, resources and opportunities for innovation (paywall)
I’ll be doing a summary writeup of this paper soon, some interesting findings!

Starting a Sour Solera

Beer brewers take on a grand challenge: satisfy everyone at Thanksgiving

Beer Mythbusting: The Truth About Pilgrims, Adjuncts, and Prohibition

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!